Stupid Writing Advice – Word Counts


This is the first piece of stupid writing advice I ever saw after I decided that writing would become my vocation rather than my hobby. You must write 1,677 words per day.

It gets worse.

You must write every day because writers write, and real writers write at least 1,677 words per day. You must write 1,677 words per day no matter what. Did you just pull a double shift? Write. Did your dog just die? Write. Did the baby keep you up all night? Too bad. Write. Are you waiting for your muse to sing? Tough. Real writers write. Dilettantes depend on a muse. Real writers don’t need to feel inspired.

Is this realistic? Sure…if you’re an iron-willed masochist. Sure…if every day presents the same challenges. Sure…if you go to your creative place every day, preferably at the same time. Sure…if every day is exactly the same as every other day.

Come to think of it, how is it possible that you have much of anything to say if your life is so consistent and uneventful? A year or two into your writing career, you should have pretty much exhausted your well of material, unless you have a memory like Marcel Proust that’s activated by toast and tea. Maybe you should be building model rockets. Learn the banjo. Accordion lessons. Accordions are very versatile instruments. They are also an effective means of birth control, which means you won’t find one at Hobby Lobby.

(It took me a while to write in a gratuitous dis of Hobby Lobby, but I think I did it quite adroitly.)

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